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Self-made millionaire Rob Graham shares his Bitcoin trading strategy

Robert McDaniel


Self-made millionaire Rob Graham shares his Bitcoin trading strategy
Source: Rob Graham

Finding success and profitability is never easy in financial markets, regardless if this is in trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, stocks and bonds, futures, or any other asset type for that matter.

Even those that are highly successful traders didn’t start that way and spent years and large amounts of their own money to learn the hard way, by repeatedly failing, but getting back up to apply the lesson’s learned until a winning strategy can be found.

Everyone dreams about working from the comfort and convenience of their laptop while on the go, traveling the world and tending to their own pursuits and passions, rather than being shackled in a cubicle to an office chair working tirelessly for someone else.

Is achieving such a dream really possible? Is it possible to make sufficient, and more importantly, sustainable income by trading online? And if so, what is the HOLY GRAIL of trading strategies that can lead to profits on a consistent basis?

The proof winning strategies exists in the number of traders turned millionaires, who have spent considerable time, effort, and capital to find one that works. Today we will look at one of the latest and hottest trading strategies used by career trader turned millionaire, Rob Graham.

Businessman Turned Crypto Trader Offers Secret Strategy That Made Him Millions

Rob Graham was a successful serial entrepreneur and business executive, who transformed himself into a millionaire through cryptocurrency trading.

Unsatisfied with his desk job and seeking more financial freedom despite having much success in the business world, Rob spent more than seven years developing what he believes to be the holy grail of trading strategies and helped him become a millionaire and focus his career on cryptocurrency trading while simultaneously achieving his desire for freedom. Rob Graham truly is living the dream.

Graham explained,

“Success is different to everyone. Even though I had a successful career, and helped to build successful companies, I had always wished I could achieve more work-life balance, yet still make the income levels I was accustomed to, if not more. Then I found cryptocurrency trading and the dream started to become a reality.”

 Graham spends the first few years losing much of his capital hoping to find a strategy that worked. Frustrated, he had almost given up hope until he started noticing that one of the most simple strategies had generated the largest amount of profit.

Once Rob found the winning formula, he began to further test the strategy using more and more capital, and in no time he had made back all of his initial losses. Soon after, Rob found himself earning more than he ever thought possible. Graham added,

“I knew I was on the right path.”

Now, Rob Graham is sharing his tried-and-true strategy with the rest of the world, for free. He said,

“I simply want to give back and help others live their dreams, and there is enough space for everyone in this market.”

The HOLY GRAIL of Bitcoin Trading Strategy Revealed

The secret to Rob Graham’s success is in trading Bitcoin with leverage on the PrimeXBT platform. Leverage lets new investors with small amounts of capital immediately access opportunities for profit only possible with much larger capital. Leverage is a powerful way to increase one’s capital safely and easily, which results in larger position size. The larger the position size, the larger the profit.

Here’s an excerpt from Rob Graham’s successful trading guide,

“Bitcoin and the majority of the other cryptocurrencies are very volatile and statistically fluctuate AT MINIMUM 0.3% per day, 80% of the time. This means that these assets will make daily swings of at least 0.3% in each direction every day, which causes a technical indicator called Relative Strength Index, or RSI work like magic. You can’t say the same about forex or commodities markets – that’s why this trading strategy works ONLY on Bitcoin trading! 0.3% may not seem like much, but when using 100x leverage you can turn 0.3% price move into 30% profit every single day!”

Robs recent trading history

If the strategy sounds simple, it’s because it is. The only other major factor in getting prepared to start executing Rob’s strategy is to choose the right trading platform that offers the tools necessary to follow the success. Rob Graham exclusively uses PrimeXBT – a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that offers the industry’s best leverage, advanced trading tools, and many more features that ensure the success of traders new and experienced.

PrimeXBT allows you to trade with leverage, providing much larger capital than your initial balance and offering the potential for a larger profit. For example, with 100x leverage is offered – your deposit of $100 automatically turns into $10,000 trading capital. Profits will be determined by the larger trading capital and now even the smallest price movements will provide the opportunity for significant returns.

Rob Graham Follower’s Dreams Become Reality, Share Thanks and Success

It’s not uncommon for Rob Graham’s twitter posts to be flooded with comments thanking him for sharing his winning trading strategy, from one of the many traders who put the strategy into practice and saw results immediately.

One comment reads,

“Everyone owes it to themselves to try this strategy, Rob and his strategy are a life saver. I had dreaded going into work each day in a dead end job with very little reward or path for success. I almost passed up this opportunity, but it has changed my life. Thank you Rob!!”

 Rob explained,

“I knew that there are a lot of profit opportunities in the crypto market. Obviously trading Bitcoin with leverage can magnify your returns significantly if used properly. It’s also important to choose a reliable platform with all necessary trading tools and features to be successful.”

He attributes part of the successful strategy to the tools he uses and recommends using PrimeXBT exclusively to take advantage of the most advanced tools on the market.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Leverage Trading

As with any form of investing or trading, Bitcoin leverage trading does carry some risks if the position goes against the trader. Proper risk management such as the strategic use of stop losses – one of the many advanced order types offered by PrimeXBT – can help mitigate risk and prevent losses.

Despite these minor risks, applying a winning trading strategy and formula such as the one Rob has shared greatly increases the probability of making profitable trades consistently.

Read all about Rob’s trading strategy and register for PrimeXBT today. Sign-up is simple and takes under a minute, requires no personal information, and a low minimum deposit.

Turn dreams into reality today!